8th World Recreational Fishing Conference

16 July 2017

16 Jul

The 8th World Recreational Fishing Conference will take place on 16-20 July 2017 in Victoria, Canada. 

The World Recreational Fishing Conference is held every three years. This is the only international conference focused solely on recreational fisheries and it unites the global recreational fishing community. It attracts scientists, angling reps and staff, tackle trade and the angling media. 

Several experts from EAA’s member organisations will attend in order to give presentations on papers and projects in which they are, or have been, involved. 

The conference theme for this years is: "Balancing Values - The Future of Recreational Fishing around the World" 


1. Management strategies, policy development and governance

2. Integrating social-ecological systems for sustaining recreational fisheries

3. Monitoring and assessment of recreational fisheries

4. Social and economic values of recreational fisheries

5. Citizen science and recreational fisheries

6. Catch & release as a management tool: the good, the bad and ethics

7. Adaptive environmental management of recreational fisheries

8. Human dimensions research

9. Reconciling stocking, management and conservation

10. Engagement of fishers in the management process

11. Recreational fisheries as complex adaptive systems

12. The role of recreation in global fisheries

13. Managing wild stock fisheries under uncertainty

14. Expanding recreational fisheries in economies in transition

15. Allocation issues in fisheries: recreational, commercial, aboriginal, subsistence, artisanal.


World Recreational Fishing Conference website: http://www.wrfc8.com/
Conclusions and recommendations WRFC7 are available here.