Atlantic Bluefin Tuna management - recreational fisheries

Improved management, control and enforcement of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fisheries have brought some good results in recent years, but more could and should be done.

In this regard we warn against continuing the present unfair treatment of recreational angling. Recreational angling brings a lot of economic value and jobs to the local communities, the tackle trade, boating industry and a variety of other businesses dependant on recreational anglers’ spending. Per fish recreational angling brings more value than other sectors.

Nevertheless, the recreational angling sector is treated as inferior to and less important than the commercial fishing sector. This has to change. The recreational angling sector needs to be managed in its own right, which, among other things, should include an all year fishing access guarantee.

The EAA Position includes a number of recommendations to the EU, to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) and to individual Member States on how to improve the Atlantic Bluefin tuna management while securing the benefits from a thriving recreational fishing sector. 

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