Socio-Economic Studies - Ireland

- Total expenditure by Irish anglers in Ireland on Bass fishing €43,000,000
- Contribution of Irish Bass Recreational Fishery to Irish Economy (Non-Irish Anglers) €8,650,000
- Total Contribution of Irish Bass Recreational Fishery to Irish Economy €51,650 ,000 

Direct spending on angling in Ireland amounted to €555 million in 2012, with indirect spending worth an additional €200 million and totaling €755 million. Recreational angling was also found to directly support 10,000 existing Irish jobs, many of which are located in the most peripheral and rural parts of the Irish countryside and along our coastline. 

The Study found that 406,000 people were involved in recreational angling in Ireland last year, with over 150,000 of these travelling from Northern Ireland and overseas. Over a quarter of a million Irish adults (252,000) held a fishing rod last year with sea angling along with salmon and brown trout angling seen as the most popular categories where domestic anglers are concerned. 

The quality of the Irish angling product, the friendliness and hospitality of the Irish people and outstanding scenery were cited amongst the principal attractions of Ireland as an international destination for recreational angling. Tourism angling spend is estimated at approximately €280 million on an annual basis.

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