Socio-Economic Studies - Lithuania

Estimates of recreational fishermen vary from ca. 200,000 to 1.5 million.
Recreational Fisheries in Lithuania, 2005
- Approx. 1.5 mill went angling in 2002 (55% of population).
- Angling is 'well liked' by 8 out of 10 males, and 3 to 4 out of 10 females.
- Spending per angler: 140 Litas (40.5 €) // Total: 210 mill Litas (61 mill €)

Other figures later than 2005: 

The number of fishing licenses issued in 2008 was 100,000. Pensioners, teenagers up to 16 years old don’t need a license. 

An estimate by "The Lithuania Tribune", 15 April 2009 is 200,000 recreational fishermen - defined as people who fish at least once a month (so the total number would be bigger than 200,000 if the estimate would be given for people fishing at least once a year). 

Another estimate by the Lithuanian Fund for Nature, Nov 2011 based on surveys and sales of fishing gear is 170,000 recreational fishers.

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