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The Blue & Green newsletter is the information letter of the European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and the Aquatic Environment. With six editions every year, the newsletter aims to inform policymakers and stakeholders about the latest information about recreational fishing at the EU level and the Forum’s activities. To subscribe to our newsletter please click here.

  • SAVE THE DATE: State of play of recreational fisheries in the EU - The anglers' point of view and the importance of regulating recreational fisheries at the EU level
  • The European Council agrees on sea bass measures for 2018
  • Latest RecFishing developments in the European Parliament
  • EC - Agreement on Commission proposal for a multi-annual fisheries management plan for the North Sea
  • Mystery of the eel: Europe's own ivory trade
  • Study - Recreational sea fishing in Europe in a global context

  • Conference: Marine Protected Areas and recreational fisheries - Sustainable management and benefits
  • Sea Bass - pilot project to improve recreational data collection agreed by Budget Committee
  • Anglers met in Lausanne for the 2017 EAA General Assembly
  • Fédération Suisse de Pêche - Schweizerischer Fischerei-Verband
  • EAA - Successful bluefin tuna tagging in Sweden and Denmark
  • EP study - Marine recreational and semi-subsistence fishing - its value and its impact on fish stocks
  • EC - Commission proposes Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2018

  • The recreational fisheries sector on the European Parliament's agenda this autumn
  • EFTTEX 2017 in Budapest and EFTTA's General Assembly: business and lobbying
  • Sportvisserij Vlaanderen
  • JRC - Big fish in big trouble in Europe
  • EU law enforcement step up efforts to protect the environment
  • Balancing Values - The Future of Recreational Fishing Around the World

  • EAA President asks full recognition for recreational fisheries in the CFP in the European Parliament
  • RecFishing Forum event - Wanted for the EU: More and better data on recreational fisheries for a sustainable and prosper recreational fisheries sector
  • "Living Rivers Europe" platform launched for the upcoming review of the Water Framework Directive
  • Suomen Vapaa-ajan-kalastajien Keskusjärjestö
  • DG MARE - Ministerial Conference on the sustainability of Mediterranean fisheries gives new impetus to putting an end to overfishing in the Mediterranean
  • JRC - Banned pesticides continue to affect toxicity in streams
  • DG MARE - Bridging gaps in data to save Mediterranean fish stocks - first follow-up to Medfish4Ever political declaration

  • RecFishing Forum event - Sustainable fisheries management and recreational sea fisheries: Socio-economic value, data collection and data use in EU and US
  • The Water Framework Directive - Lifeline for European Waters
  • Norges Jeger - og Fiskerforbund
  • DG MARE - European Maritime Day 2017
  • DG ENVI - More coordinated legislation needed to ensure the GES of European seas
  • JRC - Tracking marine and riverine litter - new recommendations published

  • Sea bass measures 2017 - recreational fishing
  • EU recreational fisheries survey - a contract winner has been found
  • The European Parliament supports the development of sustainable recreational fisheries tourism activities
  • Danmarks Sportfiskerforbund
  • DG ENVI - Herbicide found in German estuaries, transported to the Baltic Sea
  • AMBER - Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers
  • EAA attended the first General Assembly of the AAC

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In order to offer the best user experience we use cookies. View our Cookie policy . If you use our site, we assume that you agree with this policy.