EAA Resolution 
On the fight against illegal fishing in the EU Waters 

The European Anglers Alliance, representing 18 European nations and over 5 million anglers, held its 11th General Assembly on the 8th-10th April in Vejle (Denmark), and discussed the situation of fisheries in EU Waters and in particular the fight against illegal fishing. 

The EAA urges the European Community to intervene with each country: 

1. to organize and enforce the broadest possible controls in respect of the laws in force, as well for commercial fishing as for leisure fishing 

2. to encourage in each country the formation of teams of water bailiffs for marine patrols in order to increase the frequency and the effectiveness of enforcement 

3. to recommend that each country exert control on the complete sales chain of fish (wholesale fish merchants, wholesalers, fish shops, restaurants) and to severely punish any failure on the origin, sizes of fish or other provision, infringements of legislation and national or international regulations.


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