Socio-Economic Studies - Finland

Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute: Recreational Fishery 

The statistics present the number of fishing households and persons, the number of those using different gear types, the number of fishing days and the catch by species, gear type and fishing area. The statistics are published every two years. 

NB: The values mentioned are not socio-economic but catch values only! 

Summaries in English:                     Reports: 

- Recreational Fishing 2012           PDF - 2012 

- Recreational Fishing 2010           PDF - 2010

- Recreational Fishing 2008           PDF - 2008

- Recreational Fishing 2006           PDF - 2006 

In 2012, there were about 1.5 million recreational fishermen in Finland. The total number of fishing days was over 16 million in 2012. The most common tackle was the hook and line, which was used by 59% of fishermen. However, 58% of the total fish catch was taken with gill nets, fish traps and trap nets; 40 per cent was taken with rod and line.

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