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European Parliament

FINAL REPORT - "EU contract FISH/2004/011 on "Sport Fisheries" (or Marine Recreational Fisheries) in the EU"; For The European Commission Directorate-General for Fisheries, Prepared by M. G. Pawson, D. Tingley, G, Padda1, and H. Glenn - 2007 

Note: We are very pleased with ‘Chapter 2: Definitions’ in this EU funded desk study. In particular we are happy that the authors found the EAA definition most useful (page 10 and 24): ‘There is a confusing array of definitions in the literature pertaining to recreational fishing and its constituent parts and related sectors (EAA, 2004a; FAO, 2000). Most confusing, to those not intimately involved with the field, is the interchangeable use of the some of the following terms: fishing, commercial fishing, subsistence fishing, recreational fishing, marine recreational fishing, leisure fishing, sports fishing, angling and recreational angling.’ 

‘Definitions adopted in the Report Given the importance of clearly defining terms in relation to recreational fishing, it is necessary to define and use a coherent set of terminology in this study. Since there is no common definition, we have decided to use the EAA definitions (2004b) as summarised in 2.5 below. The table structure clearly states the breakdown of the various forms of recreational fishing and shall be referred to consistently throughout the report.’ 

See also "The definition of marine recreational fishing in Europe"; Pawson, Glenn, Padda (2007)

FINAL REPORT - "EU intervention in inland fisheries", Ernst & Young for the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Framework contract N° FISH/2006/09 (Lot N°3) "Studies linked to the implementation of the European Fisheries Fund") 

Hyder, K, Radford, Z, Prellezo, R, Weltersbach, MS, Lewin, WC, Zarauz, L, Ferter, K, Ruiz, J, Townhill, B, Mugerza, E, & Strehlow, HV, 2017, Research for PECH Committee - Marine recreational and semi-subsistence fishing - its value and its impact on fish stocks, European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies, Brussels

Sport Fishing: tuna fishing in the Mediterranean

Sport Fishing: an informative and economic alternative for tuna fishing in the Mediterranean (SFITUM).
EC Project 02/C132/11/41 Coordinateur, Ana Gordoa, CEAB-CSIC - Final Report December/2004
Volume I
Volume II
- Spain: "The Spanish fleet which represent closer the whole recreational fleet and not only those vessels targeting tuna gives that the annual expenses of the standard vessel is 13.336 €. The total expenses of the Mediterranean Spanish fleet would be around 534 millions of euros." (boat value excluded).
If boat value included: "The total annual expenses of the Spanish Mediterranean Recreational fleet would increase from 534 millions of euros to 845 millions of euros. The mean Spanish vessel size could be slightly smaller than 9m so total annual expenses should be around 800 millions of euros. This figure it is very relevant to be compared with the professional total production in the Spanish Mediterranean (380 millions € in 2003). The professional fish is more economic (obviously the market price is lowest that the cost of recreational fish), the professional activity probably produce more economic impact in the local communities (in activities as transport, market, logistics, processing, etc.), but the direct contribution to GNP of the Recreational Activities is most important in the Mediterranean that in the Professional Activity."
- Italy: "Italian questionnaires gave a figure of 10.518 € annual costs per tuna recreational vessel and the direct census over ports and bays show that 41% of recreational fleet do not use mooring ports being park in bays or beaches. Figure 4.2 shows the bays or vessel parking places in Italy. To estimate the annual expenses of tuna fleet we consider that only 49% of it has mooring costs then average annual costs of tuna vessel become 9.872 €. The annual expenses of the whole fleet would be close to 42 millions of euros and the cost of catch a Kg. of Tuna by an Italian vessel 21,5 euros. This figure become 22,9 €
considering that every vessel has mooring costs."

Nordic Study


'Freshwater Fisheries in Central & Eastern Europe - the Challenge of Sustainability', overview report compiled for European Sustainable Use Specialist Group of IUCN / SSC Fisheries Working Group, IUCN Office for Central Europe by Dr. Robert Aps, Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu, July 2004.


Economic issues and opportunities facing Europe in the field of sport fisheries, Jean-Louis Gaudet Acting Secretary European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission (EIFAC)

The recreational fishing in the Central and Western European Mediterranean frame, Franquesa, R., A. Gordoa, T. Mina, S. Nuss, Borrego (2004). Report of the 16th Annual Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists. Rome, 5-7 April. FAO Fisheries Report No. 739 FIPP/R739 (En) ISBN 92-5-105209-3.

EAA - value



Hyder, K, Weltersbach, MS, Armstrong, M, et al. Recreational sea fishing in Europe in a global context—Participation rates, fishing effort, expenditure, and implications for monitoring and assessment. Fish Fish. 2018; 19: 225– 243.

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