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United States

Home-page for 'National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation' (incl addendum to the 2001 and 2006 reports e.g. 'Black Bass and Trout Fishing in the United States') 

The Relative Economic Contributions of U.S. Recreational and Commercial Fisheries - 2006, by SA Southwick Associates for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership 

Page iV: 'In 2004, approximately 82 million marine recreational fishing trips were taken by 14 million anglers. These anglers spent over $16 billion, which in turn generated over $34 billion in total economic activity, supporting nearly 360,000 full and part time jobs, and billions in tax revenues and income (salaries, wages and business profits).' 

Page V: 'In 2004, commercial fishermen landed $1.7 billion in finfish (dock side value). After going through wholesalers, processors, distributors and retail points, the total resulting economic activity totaled nearly $9.9 billion and supported 126,477 jobs.' 

Page Vi: '...the total national economic impact from commercial finfish fisheries is 28.54 percent of the impact created by marine recreational fisheries...Please note that the commercial fisheries reported above include significant fisheries such as hake, pollock and other offshore fisheries not targeted by recreational anglers.'


 'The serious business of angling' - Article by Julian Cribb, 17 June 2007:
"By any measure, recreational fishing is a serious business in Australia today. The last survey (2005) showed Aussies spent $680 million a year on fishing tackle alone. With rapid growth, especially by big retailers and outdoors leisure stores, that figure is on track to crack the billion dollar mark sometime in 2008 or 09....but it’s hard to develop sound policies because we still know so little about it. Some much of the information is anecdotal or inferred from local surveys. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Fisheries R&D Corporation, because we know we need to carry out some serious research into recreational angling..."

Social survey of South Australian recreational fishers - 2012

Surveys and data, recreational fishing:
- New South Wales
- Victoria
- Queensland
- South Australia
- Western Australia
- Tasmania
- Northern Territory


Surveys of Recreational Fishing in Canada 1990 | 1995 | 2000 | 2005 | 2010

Survey of the Recreational Cod Fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador - 2007

British Columbia

BC Wildlife Federation - 2002
'The revenues from recreational angling in BC are significant drivers to our economy and positively influence our GDP. Combined tidal and freshwater revenue estimates from angling in BC are currently in excess of 1.2 billion dollars annually. In 2002 some $550,000,000 was spent on tidal water angling and in 1995 $494,000,000 was spent on freshwater angling (which provided approximately $99,000,000 in government revenue).'

British Columbia’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector - 2007
Sportfishing supported in 2005 about 7,700 jobs and generated $288 million in GDP with a revenue $865 million.

BC Freshwater Sport Fishing - Economic Impact Report - 2013
- $957 million Total direct, indirect and induced impacts
- $144 million Total provincial and federal tax revenues
- $546 million Direct economic impacts
- Employment of 5,000
- 6% more anglers since 2005

• Licence, conservation surcharge, stamp and classified water fees of $13.9 million
• Over $27 million in angling packages
• Over 3.8 million days fished – an average of 13 days a year per angler
• 7.5 million fish caught (58% rainbow trout): catch rate of 1.96 fish per day
• For every $1 invested in services by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, anglers spent an average of $24

New Zealand

New Zealand Fisheries at a Glance (2009) - Recreational Fishing, estimated participation (% of the total NZ population): 33%

Annual reports

“Valuing the charter fishing industry (Part I: Establishing the nature and extent of the industry), Thomson, J. and H. Rennie - 2004

Final Report:, unpubl. Report commissioned by the Ministry of Fisheries, contract MOF2001/04D. P.172 +CD-ROM
- Working paper 1: Review of literature and construction of a model’ unpubl. Report prepared for the Ministry of Fisheries and Fishery Assessment Working Groups. May 2004. MFish research project MOF2001/04. P. 80

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