Socio-Economic Studies - Denmark

'Gallup' survey (1996) for the Danish Ministry of Fisheries calculated 600,000 anglers (18-66 y.o.). Youngsters <18 and elderly people >66 was thought to bring another 50,000 anglers to the total. (The Gallup survey is not available on the Internet) 

Page 9: 'The result of the survey showed an annual mean expenditure of 1,170 DKK (about 156 Euro) per recreational fisher. According to the survey recreational fishermen in Denmark used an aggregate amount of 517 million DKK (about 68.9 mill. Euro) on recreational fishery in 1999.' Figures are fairly low mainly due to the fact, that (page 22): 'The impact of exenditure on recreational fishery activities on direct and indirect employment was estimated to 758 persons. The employment figures only include jobs induced by the variable costs of recreational fishermen. These must be counted on the top of the jobs induced by producing and selling fishing equipment and other related investments, which was not the subject of this study.' 

In a press release of 14 May 2004 supermarket chain 'FAKTA' informed that Denmark has 650,000 anglers (population 5.3 mill) according to a 1998 survey. In less than one week the supermarket chain sold more than 100,000 pieces of 'fishing packets' (rod, reel, other equipment). FAKTA sold the fishing gear from their 277 stores. 

Recreational Angling in Denmark [Lystfiskeri i Danmark] - 2010 (PART 1): 

- 616,000 people went angling at least once in 2008 (17-18% of population 18-65 y.o.) 

- Beach 37%; sea boat 19%; lake 25%; river and streams 16%; other 5% 

- female: 18%; male 82% 

- Average spend on angling per person: 4,000 DKR (536 €) 

- Angling tourists: 3,1 mill overnight stays in 2008 

The Recreational Anglers' Contribution to Danish Economy [Lystfiskernes bidrag til dansk økonomi] - 2010 (PART 2): 

- Total direct, indirect and induced impacts (domestic + tourist anglers): 

- 2.9 bill DKR (389 mill €) 

- Tourist part: 376 mill DKR (50 mill €) 

- Direct impact (total spend minus tax, VAT, used boats): 1.1 bill DKR (148 €) 

- Tourist part: 253 mill DKR (34 mill €) 

- Direct+indirect impact: 2.1 bill DKR (270 mill €) 

- Tourist part: 415 mill DKR (56 mill €) 

- Jobs: ca. 2,500 of which 535 are tourism related 

- State revenue: 568 mill DKR (76 mill €) 

"In economic terms the Danish recreational angling sector is of almost the same size as the Danish golf sector"

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