Recreational fishing in EU legislation

Recreational fishing and angling are mentioned in EU legislation. Some examples:

The Control Regulation (2009) - Chapter V - Control of recreational fisheries - Article 55 - Recreational fisheries 

Council Decision of 19 July 2004 establishing Regional Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy - Article 1(3): ‘Other interest groups’ shall mean, amongst others, environmental organisations and groups, aquaculture producers, consumers and recreational or sport fishermen. 

There is no explicit mention of recreational fishing in ‘Commission delegated regulation (EU) 2015/242 of 9 October 2014 laying down detailed rules on the functioning of the Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy’ (2014). However, recreational fishing (recreational angling/sportfishing) is still accepted and represented in the ‘Other interest groups’ as it has been the case since 2004.

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1639/2001 of 25 July 2001
Chapter III - Parameters - "data collection must make it possible to assess: .. catches from recreational and game fisheries in marine waters for stocks mentioned in Appendix XI,"
Complementary parameters - "catches from game and recreational fisheries for stocks other than those mentioned in Appendix XI, for salmon, the catches taken in estuaries, lakes and rivers in the geographical area of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea." 

The Data Collection Framework (DCF) Art 2(a): ‘fisheries sector’ means activities related to commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries, aquaculture and industries processing fisheries products;
Art 2(c): ‘recreational fisheries’ means non-commercial fishing activities exploiting living aquatic resources for recreation or sport;
Art 3(1;b): [Community programme] recreational fisheries carried out within Community waters including recreational fisheries for eels and salmon in inland waters; 

Commission Decision of 18 December 2009 adopting a multiannual Community programme for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector for the period 2011-2013.

Commission Implementing Decision of 13 August 2013 extending the multiannual Union programme for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector for the period 2011-2013 to the period 2014-2016

● Council Regulation (EC) No 1967/2006 of 21 December 2006 (Corrigendum version of 2 Feb 2007
Article 2(8) "leisure fisheries" means fishing activities exploiting living aquatic resources for recreation or sport; 
Chapter VI - Non-commercial fishing - Article 17 - Leisure fisheries
Rod and line (angling) is permitted but (Art 17(1)):
"The use of towed nets, surrounding nets, purse seines, boat dredges, mechanised dredges, gillnets, trammel nets and combined bottom-set nets shall be prohibited for leisure fisheries.
The use of longlines for highly migratory species shall also be prohibited for leisure fisheries." 

Some answers to Members of Parliament's questions to the European Commission on recreational fisheries 
Answer given by Mr Vella on behalf of the Commission, 25 March 2015

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