Socio-Economic Studies - Sweden

Press release 17 July 2007 by Fiskeriverket concerning release of some results from 2006 survey: 'Fritidsfisket - en miljardindustri' // 'The recreational fishing - a billion kroner industry' Quote (translated from Swedish): The Director General of the Fiskeriverket Axel Wenblad: - 'It is evident that the interest is high and that both recreational fishing and the fishing tourism have a strong growth potential. The survey is an important part of our work to develop further these businesses.' 

The 2006 figures released show that: 

- About 1 million Swedish people -15 procent of all between 16-74 y.o.- went fishing recreationally in 2006. 

- Their expenses amounted to ca. 1,7 billion Swedish kronor // 185 mill euro (note: seems very low compared to other countries) 

- Fishing days were calculated to 14 million. Anglers 11 mill days, other recreational fishermen ( e.g. nets and traps) 3 mill days. 

- 18,000 tonnes of fish caught by sea and freshwater recreational fishermen (anglers and other ). This equals 8% of the country's total catch (note: commercial fisheries account for 92% it seems) 

- 2/5 of the catches were taken from freshwaters, 3/5 from the sea. 

Note: Compared to 2004 there is seen a decline in participation from 1,8 mill to 1 mill people. However, new methodology has been introduced. If the 2004 methodology had been used on the 2006 survey the decline would had been 'only' 400,000.

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