Seabass: European Commission proposes measures to limit catches in the Bay of Biscay

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01 Dec

The European Commission has proposed measures to the EU Council to limit seabass catches in the Bay of Biscay (ICES area VIIIab) in 2017.

The European Anglers Alliance has been asking for this kind of action since measures were introduced for 'Northern Atlantic seabass' two years ago. 

The measures proposed affecting recreational fisheries include a monthly bag limit of ten fish per fisher. 

The final decision on these measures will be taken by the Fisheries Council during the 12-13 December’s meeting. 

We take notice that the Commission regrettably hasn't suggested a 'biological rest period' (no retention period) as is proposed for the Northern bass (February/March).

More information is available here.

EAA recently launched a new film in the European Parliament setting out a vision for the long term management of sea bass. You can watch it here.

To read more about the EAA position on sea bass management, please click here

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