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15 Dec

The Italian APR – Alleanza Pescatori Ricreativi, with the collaboration of other Italian associations and NGOs, has set up ‘Casting for Recovery Italy’ a spin-off of the US project aimed at helping women recovery from breast cancer surgeries trough fly fishing.

Casting for Recovery was born in the US 20 years ago with the aim of supporting women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. The mission of the project is to offer all-inclusive fishing retreats to breast cancer survivors in order to provide them with counselling and therapy in a safe and natural environment while learning and practicing fly fishing. 

According to the Casting for Recovery US website “the gentle, rhythmic motion of fly casting is similar to exercises often prescribed after surgery or radiation to promote soft tissue stretching”. Moreover, during the retreats women can connect, find new friends and establish a useful support network. 

Casting for Recovery is already present in various countries such as the UK & Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Italy set up the project thanks to the input of Laura Pisano, member of the APR Board, who got in contact and met with the UK & Ireland organisation in order to explore how the project could be established in Italy. 

The first Italian fishing retreat should take place in May 2017 with the collaboration of several volunteers, including doctors and fishing guides. 

More information about Casting for Recovery can be found here:

More information on Casting for Recovery Italy can be found here: 

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