EAA President Fred Bloot on the panel of the next hearing of the PECH Committee on Natura 2000 areas

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16 Mar

On March 22nd, the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament (PECH Committee) will organise a public hearing entitled “Management of Fishing activities in Natura 2000 areas”. Hearings allow the Members of a Committee to hear from experts and hold discussions on key issues.

As the European Commission is preparing the review of the Natura 2000 management plans, fishing activities in these areas may be restricted beyond what is needed to protect the designated areas and species. Fred Bloot, the President of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA), will make the voice of recreational anglers heard.

The EAA President will present angling as a sustainable activity, which can continue in most Natura 2000 areas, without compromising the objectives for the areas. Angling depends on healthy ecosystems and stocks. Therefore anglers are very supportive towards Natura 2000 and other legislation to protect and conserve the environment. 

Mr. Bloot will advocate for the full engagement of our societies with Natura 2000. Everyone wants and needs valuable and sustainable natural resources so the review process must involve anglers from the start for its goals to be fully achieved. Indeed, anglers are nature lovers, eyes and ears of its evolutions and can be motivated to help monitoring the Natura 2000 areas where they fish, as well as collecting data usable for the management of the site.

You may have a look at the agenda of the hearing here.
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