European Parliament Fisheries Committee President presents CFP priorities for the next years

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12 Apr

Alain Cadec, President of the Fisheries Committee, expressed in an interview in The Parliament Magazine his views about the next two years of mandate before the next European Parliament elections, and the Committee's main achievements first half of the current mandate.

The three key topics the committee is working on at present are to implement the maximum sustainable yield fishing scheme, regionalisation (less ‘micro-management’ from Brussels) and the discard ban/landing obligation of certain unwanted catches. 

Although Mr. Cadec did not mention recreational fisheries explicitly in this interview, we know that he Committee will have to deal with our sector on all these topics and more. 

The EAA position on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is that the recreational fisheries sector should be fully recognised. The EAA follows closely the implementation of the reformed CFP, not only by being present at all the Fisheries committee meetings and by giving advice and other input to the Members of the Committee. Three to four times a year, the Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment arranges events at the European Parliament of interest to the Members of this and other committees. For example, on the 8th of March we arranged a very well attended seminar on “Sustainable fisheries management and recreational sea fisheries- socio-economic value, data collection and data use in EU & US management”. 

The whole interview is available here.

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