Baltic salmon - A resource for the future

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18 Aug

Enjoy the video "Baltic salmon - A resource for the future" realised by the Baltic Salmon Fund with the contribution of the European Anglers Alliance.

The Baltic salmon is a unique cousin to the Atlantic salmon and while exactly the same species, Salmo salar, it remains for the whole of its life cycle within the Baltic Sea and its rivers. As it never ventures into the Atlantic, the Baltic salmon is exclusively managed by the European Union. The EU Presidency for this half year (Estonia) intends “ restart discussions on the Baltic Sea salmon multi-annual management plan, which was initiated by the European Commission in 2011”. The multi annual plan will be an essential road map for the way forward for Baltic salmon.

“Baltic Salmon - a resource for the future” shows how we lost 48 of the Baltic’s 82 salmon stocks. Fish are returning to home rivers in increasing numbers in recent years but there still are major hurdles to overcome before we can once again reap the benefits that this iconic species offers us.

You can watch the video by clicking here

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