German anglers take action as water improvers

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10 Apr

The Water Improver campaign was launched in January by EAA’s German member DAFV (Deutscher Angelfischerverband e.V.) in cooperation with the biggest german fishing magazine Blinker and the retail chain Fisherman’s Partner. Under the motto “Take care instead of whining”, it aims to raise awareness and fully acknowledge the crucial role of “water improver” that anglers are proud to play.

Anglers do not see river only as a place to fish but also as a natural area they have the duty to maintain and protect. Various actions are regularly implemented by anglers to protect these areas where they spend hours and they cherished as a second home. Re-naturalization of water bodies, setting up of fish breeding grounds, clearing of banks and protection of species are some examples of these actions. And the German “Water Improver” campaign is a great illustration of anglers’ volunteer work across Europe to restore and improve the status of water bodies.

Anglers for nature

With this campaign, German anglers are invited to register initiatives or activities that they have undertaken to improve the status of rivers and lakes, thanks to the forum available on the project’s homepage. Together with describing what they have done, they have to upload a picture. Selected prizes are regularly offered to the best water improvers. A special hashtag #gewaesserverbesserer (#waterimprover in English) is also used on Facebook and Instagram to help spreading this campaign.

Anglers can also apply for funding for larger projects. Start-up financing up to €500 is provided to those who plan major garbage collection or environmental actions. Projects are then evaluated by the Water Improver campaign teams and funding is provided for the next set of actions planned.

Start up financing and prices available
Angling club “Gut Fang Bielefeld e.V.” was awarded the ‘Best water-improver’ prize for February 2020. The fishing club from North Rhine-Westphalia received a €500 grant. The association experienced the usual problem of “dredging hole” for its water body like many lakes in this region. Facing few shallow water areas and spawning zones, anglers from Gut Fang Bielefeld eV decided to first clear the shaded edge area and then to broke up the monotonous bank line and to create a small sandbar. Members put deadwood collected around the lake at the bottom of it to multiply spawning zones. They also planted various species such as fir fronds, cattails or water lilies and establish a fence against nutrias and muskrats. As a result, the club’s actions improved fish habitat and the whole environment.

The angling experience depends on a healthy environment and rich fish stocks and thus anglers are devoted to their conservation.

More information on the “Water Improver” campaign’s website: click here
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