A new logo for the EAA!

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02 Jun

The European Anglers Alliance has a new logo. After 10 years, the EAA has renewed its brand identity.

The European Anglers Alliance (EAA) is a pan-European organisation for recreational angling. The subject of public relations is playing an increasingly important role for effective lobbying. In order to strengthen public awareness and future development, the EAA has fundamentally renewed its brand identity.
“The EAA has developed enormously in recent years. After 10 years it was only logical to take this into account with a modern branding," says Fred Bloot President of the European Angler Alliance.

The core of the new logo consists of the word mark “eaa” as an abbreviation for the European Anglers Alliance and the fish symbol based on a Möbius strip. For this purpose, the basic form was varied in different formats for a broad application in modern media.
“Nowadays a logo has to work on a broad scale. Social media play just as much a role as position papers, presentations and classic correspondence. Together with our design agency, we had these aspects in mind from the start,” says Miroslav Zaberl, head of the communications group at EAA.
We are confident that the new logo will further strengthen the public perception of the EAA and support our development in terms of a powerful representation of interests.

Interview with the Design Agency owner Jens Mennicke

The design agency Jens Mennicke Studio was founded in 2011 by the award-winning designer Jens Mennicke. As a multidisciplinary studio based in Cologne, Mennicke is specialized in branding and design of brands and companies.

EAA: Mr. Mennicke you are the owner of the design agency Jens Mennicke Studio and have developed the new logo for the European Anglers Alliance. What function does a logo have for an international association and what criteria should a modern logo meet today?

Mennicke: In my opinion, whether an association or a company makes no difference in terms of function. A mark gives an organization an identity. All stakeholders should be comfortable with this symbol. This is important. I have met many managers and CEOs who are reluctant to pass on their business cards; because they were embarrassed about the logo. In this respect, modernity naturally plays an important role in brand design. Good trademarks are versatile - they are mostly based on simple shapes that can be adapted to the zeitgeist through slight modifications.

EAA: Has the design and function of logos changed over the years?

Mennicke: In general, trademarks have to be memorable. And ideally they try to express the content or idea of the brand through the form. Aligning brand design more closely with corporate strategy is and will remain a trend for the future. And one reason why big brands are renewed every ten years. The requirements placed on trademarks are becoming more and more complex, and good logos have to work well, especially in digital channels.

EAA: What special requirements were there when developing the new EAA logo?

Mennicke: On the one hand, it was the task to develop a short and memorable word mark, the current, two-tone form "European Anglers Alliance" was only insufficiently suitable for this. On the other hand, we wanted to modernize the icon and make it less complex in order to make the logo more memorable. In particular, the new trademark should also work better in small and digital applications.

EAA: What long-term role does the logo play and what additional measures do you recommend to your customers to improve public awareness?

Mennicke: A trademark plays a major role in brand communication; sooner or later. It's an ambassador for the brand. People usually come into contact with the brand for the first time through this one symbol or remember the sender through this symbol. With our new symbol, the fish as an infinite Möbius strip, we have well sketched the message for our content. The emotion is right. Now the idea is to tell vividly and emotionally in all channels in order to increase awareness.

EAA: Do you have to be an angler yourself to develop a good logo for an anglers' association?

Mennicke: (laughing) I do not think so. As a designer, however, you should be interested in dealing intensively with the topic.

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